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Best games that uses Unreal Engine.

Batman: Arkham City (Return To Arkham)

Batman: Arkham City is widely regarded as one of the greatest gaming experiences available, with many considering it the pinnacle of superhero games. When it was ported to the PS4 and Xbox One as part of the Return to Arkham collection, the developers opted for the Unreal Engine 4. While some players lamented the 30 fps frame rate cap, overall, the reception to the ports was positive, with few complaints about the technical aspects.


Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark, leveraging Unreal Engine 4 (UE4), mesmerizes players with its breathtaking vistas and immersive lighting effects. The day and night cycle, a standout feature, showcases UE4's prowess in rendering realistic lighting. Developers masterfully utilize UE4's capabilities, demonstrating that the engine is far from being exhausted. Despite Unreal Engine 5's advancements, notably in global lighting, Ark underscores UE4's enduring relevance and potential.


Kingdom Hearts 3

The Kingdom Hearts series, renowned for its captivating blend of fast-paced action-adventure gameplay and rich storytelling, has consistently delivered memorable experiences. Developed by Square Enix, a studio known for its track record of excellence, and featuring beloved Disney characters, the series captivates players with its magical worlds and engaging narratives. With the utilization of the Unreal Engine 4, Square Enix, in collaboration with Disney, achieved a remarkable feat in Kingdom Hearts 3, seamlessly replicating the visual style of the animated films that inspired the game.


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

In Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, players embody Jedi Padawan Cal Kestis and his droid companion on a perilous journey against the imperial army on a distant planet. This third-person adventure seamlessly blends combat, exploration, and adventure, empowering players with lightsabers and the Force. The game's simplistic yet engaging storyline, coupled with high-quality cutscenes and impeccable art direction, offers the perfect escapade into the Star Wars universe, making it a quintessential action-adventure experience for fans.



Fortnite, launched in 2017, is tailored for the modern gaming landscape, boasting a multi-modal approach that caters to diverse player preferences. With three distinct modes, players can embark on solo campaigns, collaborate in team-based challenges, or unleash their creativity in world-building endeavors. In the Battle Royale mode, the adrenaline-fueled quest for survival pits players against each other in fast-paced action. Save the World mode shifts the focus to cooperative gameplay, where teams unite to fend off hordes of zombie-like adversaries. Fortnite Creative empowers players to craft entire worlds from scratch, utilizing in-game blocks to bring their imaginations to life. Offering both offline and online modes, Fortnite stands as an emblematic game of this generation, offering a glimpse into the evolving landscape of gaming experiences.

Author: Anurag Pandey Technical Director Duckman Studio

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