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Duckman Studio is a Game Development and Virtual Production company in Mumbai. We create 3D characters, environments, and assets for games and VFX for virtual production using AI-integrated pipelines. 

VFX & 3D Game Development Company in Mumbai

Game Development

At Duckman we love 3D games and the story telling. We aim for:-

  • Compelling story

  • Character Development 

  • Immersive Gameplay

  • Entertainment every second


Visual Effects and CGI

We Provide all VFX services for movies

  • Composition

  • Rotoscoping

  • Paint Out and Removals

  • Computer Generated Imagery

  • Assets 

  • Matte painting


Our services help the game developers, film makers and producers achieve their vision  faster using real-time technologies and Generative Artificial intelligence.

For Game Development

Game Development

Game Design Consultancy

Mass 3D Asset Production

Game design, System designs, Game production and Game hosting solution.

Fast 3D Asset creation for 2D, 3D and VR Games with UVs and Textures.

Game Development for Android, PC and Gaming Consoles

3D Animation

Character Animation for games and Animated movies

3D Assets Production

Fast 3D Asset production of Game Assets, Fashion Industry, Movie and Game Characters, etc.

For Movies VFX Production

Movie Video Editing

Virtual Production

Virtual Sets For Movies and News Channels Rendered In RealtIme

Composition, Rotoscoping, Paint Removals, Green Screen Removal, Camera Tracking,  CGI

Computer Generated Imagery or CGI

We provide realistic Environments and Characters for Movies 

Movie Production

3D CGI movies using Unreal Engine, Unity, and Omniverse 

Software and Services

Custom 3D Software

Hosting and protection

Custom 3D software, Game Engine,  or VFX Solution

Hosting on steam and Windows with piracy protection.

Explore the Collection

Why Choose Duckman Studio.

Duckman Studio available for our clients 24/7. With our workforce working day and night shifts.

As directors are able to see what they will get before even final render in our Realtime Engines they can plan and be more creative

We are a team of Engineers and Artists. Our Aim is to create Epic Experiences using the combination of Art and Technology 

Our Realtime pipeline of CGI and production has reduced render time by 50% we can provide edits on any shot within hours and not days.


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Business Contact : +91 82925 52841
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